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Yucca Recurvifolia (Curve-leaf Yucca)

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    The Yucca Recurvifolia is notable for its foliage; a brilliant ball of dense green fronds that stem from its low trunks. Recurvifolia is unique amongst Yuccas due to its delightful bell-shaped flowers emenating from a long upright stamen, which bloom a brilliant white in summertime and are sweetly flagrant. A great plant for indoors or outdoors, if you wish to make your Yucca Recurvifolia less spikey for the garden or if you have small children, one good tip is to neatly round off the edge of each palm frond with a pair of scissors. This variety of Yucca is hardy and only requires watering around twice a month. Though the spread varies, Yucca recurvifolia can grow 2 meters tall if placed in sunshine with good draining soil.

    Pot size (litres) : 10 Litres