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Washingtonia Robusta (Mexican Fan palm, or Skyduster)

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    There are two main commonly cultivated Washingtonia species: Washingtonia robusta ( Mexican palm, Skyduster, Petticoat Palm) and Washingtonia filifera (California fan palm).
    Washingtonia filifera differs from W. robusta by width of trunk, erectness of fronds, presence of strings on frond margins, gray-green color, and cold hardiness. The two species can also hybridise.
    Washingtonia filifera has fan-shaped greyish green fronds 1-2m across whose tips arch down. Its margins are more stringy than Washingtonia robusta. These palm trees look really attractive when old dead fronds are allowed to accumulate against the trunk giving it a shaggy appearance. The inflorescence on stalks extending beyond foliage bears small off-white flowers which produce tiny black berries.
    Origin: South east regions of North America especially around California

    Height (cm) : 120 – 140 (cm)