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Dicksonia Antarctica (Australian Tree Fern)

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Dickosonia Antarctica is an evergreen tree fern from Australia. It has a soft trunk and gracefully arching dark green branches that needs care. It produces a new set of branches each year. Although it is a hardy fern, its younger fronds need to be protected during the colder months. While Dicksonia can survive freezing temperatures down to -10C, it will lose its foliage at -2C. It is a slow growing tree and it takes around 10 years to reach 30 cm of trunk. In fact the trunk is made of roots and it needs to be kept moist or at least humid most of the time. As a result, this fern prefers to be positioned in a shade or any dark, very moist area.

In late autumn/early winter you need to protect your tree fern before frosts come. Do this by stuffing the crown or centre with straw. Then fold the leaves inwards to hold it in place and protect the crown from frost. Cover with a horticultural fleece and secure. Unpack late April/ May.