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Dasylirion Longissimum (Mexican Grass Tree)

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    The Mexican Grass tree is a stylish and original plant used in many modern, contemporary British gardens. With a very low trunk, the Mexican Grass Trees thin, grass-like leaves explode from the top in a neat, green tuft. Some specimen versions of this plant are cultivated so as to train the leaves into an even ball shape, dry ends creating a shimmering effect towards the edge. Its leaves can grow up to 1.2 meters long and its trunk to 3 meters. This plant originates from the Chihuahuan Desert overlapping the USA-Mexico border and as such is resistant to drought and extreme weather conditions. However, in order to encourage growth and good health, try and place your Dasylirion longissimum in a well drained, highly sunned position.

    Height (cm) : 60 – 70 (cm)