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Nerium Oleander – Shrub

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Shrub Style Plant
Nerium oleander, commonly known as oleander; is a large evergreen ornamental shrub that has been cultivated since ancient times. The narrowly lanceolate are leathery and dark green.

They usually grow in pairs or groups of three. The stem is covered with greyish bark and exudes sticky latex if it is cut.

Oleander grows well in warm subtropical regions and is extensively used in the Mediterranean as an ornamental shrub in parks and gardens or informal hedge along roadsides.

Make sure small children and pets are kept away from oleanders as all parts of the plant are highly toxic if eaten but not normally dangerous to touch though the latex can cause irritation in people who are allergic to it.

Size: up to 3.7m, spread 120cm
Origin: native to the Mediterranean region, Iran, the Indian subcontinent and southern China
Colors: apricot, white, yellow, pink, red, salmon.