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Pineapple Guava Tree – Feijoa Sellowiana, Acca sellowiana

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Pineapple guava or Feijoa sellowiana (named after Portuguese botanist Joo da Silva Feij) is a small evergreen, fruit bearing tree originating from Brazil and northern Argentina. Feijoa sellowiana is grown for its edible fruit which is green tinged with red and tastes like guava. Fruit production is fairly reliable as Feijoa fruit is self-pollinating. Plants grown from seed will take 4-6 years to produce flowers and fruit.

Pineapple guava blooms in July, producing exotic flowers with beautiful white petals enveloping bright red stamens that burst skyward coating the end with yellow pollen granules. The oblong leaves are 7 cm long, green above with woolly white underside. Pineapple guava bark is initially light reddish brown but turns darker and peels with age.