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Cedrus Atlantica Glauca Pendula (Weeping Atlas Cedar)

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Cedrus Atlantica Pendula is a beautiful evergreen conifer with long weeping branches of glaucous, blue-green pointed needles borne in whorls. It produces a few small green cones in spring. The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar is a small tree, which grows slowly (about 30cm a year). Max Height 10m. Max Spread 8m.

With its dramatic weeping branches, Cedrus Atlantica Pendula makes for a highly attractive specimen conifer, especially when grown beside a pool or pond. It is a hardy conifer that it easy to grow but it does need careful training until it is established to create the desired form. The Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar should be staked upright to allow the drooping branches to form a waterfall effect. Otherwise it will end up growing close to the ground.