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Cedrus Atlantica Glauca (Blue Atlas Cedar)

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The Blue Atlas Cedar is a conical shaped conifer with silvery white foliage that matures to a vivid glaucous blue with age. It originates from the high Atlas mountains of Morocco and Algeria where it forms dense forests.

Cedrus atlantica is commonly grown as an ornamental tree in temperate climates, particularly the glaucaus cultivar which has a bluish colour, more downy shoots and can have more leaves in each whorl. Potentially growing over 35m tall with a spread of up to 10m, the Blue Atlas cedar makes an impressive Specimen Tree.

The Atlas Cedar is popular because it can cope with dry and hot conditions better than most conifers. Cedrus atlantica is tolerant of most soil types including chalk soils. It grows well in a a sunny, open site and needs well-drained soil.